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Are chug dogs good dogs?

Let’s just say right off the bat that Chugs are excellent dogs for most situations. They’re family-friendly, smart, with a calm temperament, and even though they love attention and cuddling, they’re able to manage on their own while you’re out of the house and don’t need constant monitoring. They inherit the best features of their parent breeds for a uniquely lovable dog that loves to be the center of attention.

Here, we’ll discuss these and other factors you should consider before choosing to integrate a Chug into your family.

What does a Chihuahua Pug mix look like?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of what a Chug dog looks like, it has to be stated that when it comes to mixed-breed dogs, appearances can vary significantly between any two offspring produced by a cross-bred puppy. It really comes down to the dominance between the two breeds. That being said, there are certain commonalities among most Chihuahua-Pug mixes, including general appearance, sizes, coat, and energy levels, and weight control. They have a very narrow range of colors of light browns, tan, and white.

One of the most notable and distinguishing features are their ears, which often have one ear pointed up like a Chihuahuas and the other folded down, like a Pug’s.

Do Chihuahua pug mixes shed?

One of the least enjoyable parts of being a chug parent is consistently cleaning hair off your clothes after cuddling your little friend. We love chugs, but there’s no denying that they tend to shed quite a lot. The on positive is means you never need to take them in for trim.

How big will a Chug dog get?

An adult Chug at a healthy weight is around 12 pounds. Obese animals can get a few pounds larger, but if that happens you should consult with a vet to get your buddy on a diet and exercise plan to keep him feeling healthy and strong. Sizes among healthy-weight adult chugs don’t vary too much.

Training and housebreaking your little Chug dog

One of the biggest issues facing new dog owners is house training. While there is an extensive selection of doggie house train tools available, most dogs seem to respond well to positive reinforcement techniques. Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog with something he wants to do. This can include sitting on the couch, taking a toy out of his crate, or any number of other tasks.

It is important to remember that while your puppy is small, he still needs to understand that you hold the final power in terms of housebreaking. Positive reinforcement will help your pup learns to respect your power in the house, and you can use that power in conjunction with other housebreaking tools to effectively house train your Chug.

Crossbred Chihuahuas are oftentimes a little harder to housebreak than purebreds simply because they have a little more to work with when it comes to learning proper housebreaking tactics. If you have issues training your Chug consider a training session to get some tips on the best way to implement a positive reinforcement training system at home.

Both Chihuahuas and Pugs are very intelligent, and Chugs were lucky to inherit the brains of their parent breeds. He or she will need to be taught basic commands such as sit and stay, but they can usually handle basic skills easily after a little bit of leadership from their new caretaker.

Activity and Exercise

The breed is known for its bursty energy, but in general, most Chug’s are fairly sedentary. They absolutely have moderate exercise, but don’t expect to be going on long runs around the neighborhood.

The American Kennel Club has a good overview of the exercise needs to consider for your dog, from puppy through senior. Check out “How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday” from the AKC, and then get out there and play with your Chug to burn some of those sushi treats.

Do chugs have health problems

Like many “designer” dogs that have been bred to promote cuteness, chug dogs have a number of genetic predispositions that should be taking into consideration while overseeing the health of your buddy. We’ve collected all the most important need-to-know health information on our Health & Happiness page. We strongly encourage all dog owners to care for the health of their pets the same as they would for other members of the family.

We strongly recommend all pet owners seek out and maintain a pet insurance policy, starting from the time they adopt. You can find more information about why we make this recommendation and how you can find a reasonable policy on our Pet Insurance page.

Should I find a Chug dog breeder?

No! Absolutely not!

You should never buy an animal, whether from a breeder or pet store. While we love our chug friends and think they’re super cute, it’s an unfortunate reality that health issues are caused by the breeding of dogs for the purposes of accentuating these features like short snouts and stubby legs. Further, the operating practices are often very poor leading to low or no care for the animals. Even “reputable breeders” cause severe harm to the animals they produce like cheap goods.

Please, when adding a new pet to your family always go to a local shelter or rescue and adopt a dog a need. There are far too many abandoned and rescued animals out there waiting for a loving home; don’t encourage breeders to add more.