Pet CarePawPrint: Your pet’s medical records, always in your pocket

The vet’s office is a place dreaded by pets and owners alike.

It’s difficult to get an appointment, and then you have the vet techs who only speak vet, not human. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who speaks vet and human, it still feels like they are speaking another language because of all the strange medical terms.

Enter PawPrint. PawPrint is changing this by providing owners an easy way to access their pets’ records from anywhere in the world. No more waiting around at your vet’s office for hours on end. The app makes everything accessible wherever you go as long as there is an internet connection available. It takes only minutes to get started and costs less than $5!

What are some reasons we’ve seen our friends using PawPrint?

  • Last-minute daycare or overnight stay. Get the latest records right now.
  • Getting records when buying pet insurance.
  • The easiest way to get proof of vaccination for hotels and rental properties.

It’s like having your vet in your pocket!

pawprint - vet records anywhere at anytime

Get started with PawPrint in 2 minutes!

PawPrint is a vet tech and pet owner’s dream come true. No more waiting around at the vet office for hours on end, or trying to figure out what some of those medical terms mean.

Let’s get our pet’s records in less than 2 minutes, for $4.99. First head over to

pawprint homepage

Click on “Get Started” and fill out the info. It’s quick and straightforward.

Enter your email, pet’s name, your name, your vet, and pay. That’s it!

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Sign up, get records. It’s that simple. Get all your pets’ records today at! Have issues or appreciate the guide? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!