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Are you a pet parent? Do you want to know how to make your pet healthy and energetic? If you are a new pet parent, you might be having difficulties in deciding the right food. You might be thinking about which food you should add to your pet’s diet. If you are looking for the best options, you can consider raw dog food and grain-free dog foods. These foods come with many health benefits. In the following, we will know the differences between grain and grain-free dog foods. In addition to this, we will discuss why you should add non-grain and raw foods to your pet’s diet.

Grain vs Grain-free Food

Regular dog food contains grain. We can take the example of rye, barley, corn, wheat, oats, rice, and soy. Grain foods are affordable and easily accessible. The grains have some health benefits as well. They are rich in fatty acids, protein, and carbohydrates. All these will make your dog healthy and energetic. However, grains might cause allergies and digestion problems to your pet.

When it comes to non-grain dog foods, they offer many health benefits. Non-grain foods will not cause digestion issues and won’t offer nearly as much protein as raw lamb or beef would. Your pet may have increased be mental alertness and non-grain foods will minimize the risk of allergies. Here are some benefits that your pet can have from grain-free dog foods.

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Improved digestion

You might be aware that dogs cannot produce amylase in the initial years of their lives. Therefore, they cannot easily digest grains. Also, even if you choose non-grain foods, you can consider some intelligent additions to meet the carbohydrate needs. You can add potatoes and legumes to your pet’s diet.

No Allergic Reactions

Some dogs are allergic to grains. They get chronic diarrhea, excessive bloating, itchy skin, ear infections, and bald spots from allergies. You can minimize all these risks by eliminating grains from your pet’s diet.

Suppressed Craving

Grains can stimulate appetite and make your dog eat more. Overeating can cause digestion issues. However, grain-free options will suppress the craving. Your pet will not be looking for food all the time.

Raw Dog Food - Grain Free Dog

More Energy

Non-grain foods will manage the weight of your pet without impacting energy levels. Your non-human friend will lead a healthy and lengthy life with minimal health issues.

Healthier Coat

Yes, non-grain foods can contribute to the healthier coat of your pet. The omega-3, omega-6, and essential fatty acids will make coats shiny and healthy.

Now you know what makes grain-free foods worth considering for your pet. Next, we will discuss raw foods. It is worth mentioning that these foods are considered the best for dogs. These foods are easy to digest and help with enhanced energy. In the following, we will know about different dog food types and benefits.

Raw Dog Food Types

As mentioned above, raw foods are the best for dogs. Also, their digestive systems are better capable of digesting these foods. You can add different types of these foods to your pet’s diet. You can consider both meat and non-meat options. Here are the types of raw foods.

  • Muscle meat (beef, lamb, chicken, venison, fish, and more)
  • Raw eggs
  • Bones
  • Organ meats that include kidney and livers
  • Vegetables such as celery, spinach, and broccoli
  • Fruits such as apple
  • Some dairy products

You will find many options in raw foods. Therefore, you will not have any problem satisfying picky eaters. These foods will make your pet’s immunity strong and prevent kidney diseases. Also, these foods will minimize the risk of allergies and infections. Here are some other benefits of raw dog foods.

Benefits of Raw Food

Boosts Bone and Teeth Health

Raw foods will boost the oral health of your pet. The dog’s teeth will be strong, and its fresh breathing is another benefit. With regular raw food consumption, you can minimize the expenses of dental treatments and improve the chewing ability of your pet. And because raw meat is largely water-based, it doesn’t create an environment for harmful bacteria to grow in their mouth as dry food does.

Maintains the Weight

The raw dog food diet can also be a great way to keep your Chihuahua, Pug, or mix at an ideal weight. Dogs fed raw diets are less likely to gain weight, and raw meat contains fewer calories than dry food. Grains can cause weight gain and make your pet prone to diabetes and other diseases.

If you’ve got a chubby Chi, raw dog food could really help them slim down!  

And raw dog food benefits don’t just include a healthier weight. Dogs fed raw diets tend to have an improved level of activity, and raw diets can be a great way to keep your young dogs engaged and motivated to exercise more!

Strengthens Immunity

Raw foods can boost the immunity of your pet. With regular consumption, dogs can get natural protection from seasonal diseases. Also, the pet will have increased stamina, and it can spend more time playing.

Raw dog food diet and weight control

Stimulates Brain

Yes, your pet will have improved mental focus with raw foods, and the high protein content will keep them full of energy throughout the day. These foods will contribute to their physical and overall mental health.

Minimizes the Risk of Allergies

Dogs develop many food allergies. Grains cause them different types of allergies that include skin allergies. You can switch to raw foods to prevent allergies naturally.

Improves Digestive Health

Grains can put pressure on digestion and cause many stomach issues. Your pet might experience bloating, diarrhea, and other digestion problems. You can eliminate grains from their diet to improve their digestive health.

How Do Raw Dog Foods Help Pet Owners?

If you are a pet owner, you might have the answer. If your pet is healthy and active, you will be stress-free. Also, you will not have to spend more on the treatments. With raw dog foods, your pet can get natural protection from many diseases. Your pet’s teeth will be strong, and its skin will be healthy. More importantly, your pet can live a long life while experiencing minimal health issues. There will be a reduced risk of diabetes and many other chronic diseases. By switching to non-grain and raw foods, you can enable your pet to stay happy, active, and energetic.

Start with the treats

One good way to ease into raw food is to switch your dog’s treats to raw treats. This is a low commitment and cheap way to see how your dog likes and reacts to raw dog foods. Linus loves these Smoked Pet Treats and we bet your buddy will too.

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