AdoptionFound a chug for adoption? Read these 4 important tips

Chug For Adoption or Scam For Your Money?

You found a chug for adoption, or another high-priced “designer” pet, but don’t know how to find a reputable breeder or what to do if you come across an online scam, then this article is for you! In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the steps necessary to ensure your chug comes from a good home and not from a puppy mill.

There are three ways that chugs can become available in the adoption world: 1) they were bred by someone who wants to sell them; 2) they were rescued from euthanasia at an animal shelter; 3) they are strays picked up by animal control agencies. The first two methods of obtaining chugs can be considered reputable.

Chugs that come from a puppy mill will generally have an inflated price tag, be sold without papers detailing the pup’s background, and may not even be chug breed at all; chugs found on eBay or Craigslist can easily turn out to be scams where the seller tries to dupe people into paying more for what is actually just a dog in disguise.

Linus was a chug for adoption - now in a loving home

There are lots of ways you can ensure your chug came from a reputable breeder: ask questions! If there are any other chugs available, how much do they cost compared to similar breeds? How long ago was this person breeding chugs? Where did he get the puppy’s parents and do they have documentation?

The other big issues to watch out for are frauds and scams. These are especially common when finding an adoption online through individuals instead of shelters or rescues.

Tips to Avoid Purchasing a Puppy Mill or Falling for a Scam:

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  • Check the online seller’s name on any other website and see if it pops up in another scam. If the seller has been caught before, he is surely trying to do it again.
  • Avoid breeders who offer chug puppies or other dogs that typically sell for high premiums at a fraction of the cost- this is an obvious sign that they are chugs from puppy mills.
  • Be wary if you’re asked to pay upfront; reputable breeders will want payment after verifying that you will be a fit pet parent.
  • Ask if the dog has been tested to ensure it’s the breed you’re expecting. Ask if they’ve completed an Embark DNA Test or if they’re willing to!

The chug is popular among dog lovers but it’s important that you do your research before adopting one! Here are some guidelines on how to stay safe when chug shopping; be sure not to purchase from puppy mills, scams, and frauds. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself with an adorable chug pup in no time at all! Happy hunting!

If you’ve found a chug for adoption online or through an advertisement proceed with caution and keep these tips in mind. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself with a loving companion.

Have you followed this guide and decided you’re ready to proceed? Congratulations! Check out’s excellent article with more tips and thoughts about ensuring a successful dog adoption: