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Who are we?

We’re two animal lovers who wanted to add a dog to our little family and were fortunate enough to find Linus, a small, shy, goofy young dog who had been abandoned shortly after being purchased from a breeder. More than 10 years later and Linus has been with us through the best and worst times of our lives. He’s been at our side while we’ve traveled the country and grown from kids into adults; a constant, loving, companion. More than just our best friend, but truly a member of our family.

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Why start Chug Dog?

There are far too many animals who were born into a situation with minimal care and zero regard to the animal’s well-being. In particular, “designer” breeds are mass-produced by animal mills and then treated like surplus stock when they’re unprofitable. At the same time, the world is filled with people whose lives could be dramatically improved by the companionship of a loving pet. Chug.Dog exists to help these two groups help each other. Together you and us can give these animals the homes, and lives, that they deserve.

Ready to help?

First, see if you’re to adopt a chug. If not, don’t worry! We’re here to help you learn everything you need to be make a difference in a dog’s life. Start here for some basics of dog ownership, and then work on the “Caregiver Readiness Checklist” until you feel that you are ready.

Once you’re ready, find a local shelter that you contact about adoption and then start the “1-2-3 Adoption” guide. We can’t thank you enough for putting in the work it takes to be a great pet parent, and neither will your chug. But given time the bond and love shared between you two will more than make up for the investment in their care.

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